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Party under water

Tuesday, January 4 2011

dream- I am on this big ship,and theres a bunch of people some even tv stars,and I was mingling with the crowd, and was having a good time even getting some autographs,but something was about to happen, the ship was going to be hit with a wave [another return symbol of mine] and I felt everyone is just actually taking it layed back like its some sort of event. Drinking and were going above deck to try and escape some of the water, but I knew it was going to overtake the ship, and tried to tell o

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Ominous wave from the Past [play 50's man]

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 25 2008

scene 1- remember some scenes from yesterday- night- when I wasn't sure but I might of played a man that was with a wife and child at some hotel- [had no shirt on]- I was a man from the 50's - least that's what it felt like. - We were actually laying just comfortable in the bed- and relaxing- I am not really sure If I was him? but felt a bit like it- SInce I was not really concerned with what was going on . - we were just relaxing as I said and I happen to look out the window- I kne


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