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Wedding Or Snorlking

Thursday, December 25 2008

dream-- The setting takes place,near some water-lake. I recall seeing something in the water that I thought-some odd fish were in the water , but when I looked  closer, there were some people scuba-diving. Really looked like a pool of fish. Until I saw there snorkel. I am up on a high- hill and looking down at them. - Another person was sitting near me. well not near me but on the side. of the hill. I thought he was going to fall off- but He didn't. -  since I was thinking , - he'd fal

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Find a Penny pick it up....[short dream]-

Lucid Intent
Friday, February 8 2008

Dream 1- Don't another night, I had trouble sleeping. - So I don't reaally recall many.   I recall water again. and a young girl i was taking her to the water.  The water is very clear and I happen to see a penny on the ground in the water upside down. I go in the water and I pick up the penny.  I take it and then I had to take her in the water after. Its very clear. I don't know this girl .   There were some other scenes at a apartment. Some weird people living there. as


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