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Pooling around and Controlling a Dime

Monday, November 10 2008

Dream 1- I am at home, and the old pool is there. I feel younger,its sunny. I go to the pool and wonder why we had to give it up. Feeling sad. I jump in but the water is draining. I wanted to keep it. I try to swim and I go out because I know that someone is home. I didn't want them to see me in the pool. I go out, and Mom is telling me "You should have been in school " I thought it was summer by how the pool was up? I guess we had to move the cover off and I felt that I was doing it myself, and

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To Go with the FLow -solitude on the beach---

Lucid Intent
Saturday, May 20 2006

Scene 1- How could I forget this dream. ! I recall it being vivid too, think when I just thought about all this rain, I realized the OCEAN dream. ---- I recall I am alone, and on the beach, I am trying to really think of being on the beach as a calming relaxing thing, until I noticed the water was getting up to the shore a bit closer and rougher. I realized I had to go up more and be on the mountains. or cliffs that are near the water. I am walking through the wave


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