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Too many Pepperoni in the sea

Lucid Intent
Friday, October 27 2006

scene 1- I am at some odd place- I think some where downtown. When I go this eatery- and I happen to notice- Pat making pepperoni pizza- I hear Rachel say "Don't put so much on. " taking some off but he was replacing them- and I was saying "Gee sounds like mom. " HE was laughing. But she was just removing most of them and he was putting more on. "I just add more when she removes. " ONe of those small pizza's. I laugh and go eat my pizza I think I am with Laurie.? I am not

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execution of fairys or vamps?

Friday, April 6 2001

dream 1- the setting takes place in old building. that seems to be back in time . the room is open and looks like a court room. I see a man -obese man- being taking in to the excution room . he had hand cuffs on. they close the door on and i could see on the the door - blood-written on the plack. I sit down on this bench and I am confused about death. I notice a silent movie- playing on the screen door about some princess? This man comes in and sees me looking confused. I could hear them


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