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Time to escape

Thursday, August 23 2007

scene 1_ I am in some strange building. -and I was trying to find Mulder I think. - I happen to go out the front door and there is some time capsule that is there. I asked what it was for and someone was going to go float in it?They unscrewed the top and it was shaped like a light house. I didn't think they'd be able to even go inside it. Though a person did go [male] and they are actually going to go out to sea. That's why I was going to talk to mulder about the incident but I didn't f

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Being evaluated and acting goofy

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 24 2006

scene 1- I am at home- and we are in the kitchen. Something to do with mom was actually carrying some trash out. When I said "You don't need to put those boxes out. " Thining they'll be too heavy. But she does carry them out anyway. I don't even think she is in the wheelchair or has any leg on. I then am helping her out with some other things too. When I think Marlene comes over? We were helping mom too. Though the only scene that really sticks out is the one wher


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