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strange traveling and No job

Sunday, June 17 2007

scene 1 ) Some other odd dreams, I see my friend marlene and we are at some party. I hear that Ed isn't treating her that well and wasn't giving her some shoes? so I go over to her and say "Screw him, lets go " I gave her some shoes but they looked too big? she walked in them anyway and Called Tabitha over. We see Ed but don't pay attention. Marlene had some cardboard food containers but I was like "Well just go somewhere. " She said they were from the party. So we go out and it feels

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Odd Ice Skaters and Dolls wobbly head

Friday, June 15 2007

scene 1) Some weird dreams. I am first in school [high school]-and I go to the gym. I am there to watch something? The gym is in different colors now. no solid floor its a yellow carpet and even the 2 chairs that I had sat in where yellow. I am like in a platform. I was wondering if I was allowed to even watch . There were ice skating- skaters mostly boys. Some chines. were only 2. But other older adults were there too. watching their children. Someone was there with a video camera and wa


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