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Acting weird-& WEirder with Eddie Murphy nude

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, July 25 2006

scene 1 - Some weird dream again, I am with marlene, and we are out in the backyard. The old pool is there, and we were swimming around first then we got out and we were doing something with some odd object- [think its a ball?} well She was shooting it to me and I caught it, but I wasn't in the mood to play anymore. Then she is shooting over to another yard and I said "Hey why you doing that for?" she didn't seem to think it was of that importance Someone was over there and ac

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Stairway to the John - collasped *

Friday, June 16 2006

scene 1- I am with Marlene,and we had been walking or biking a long way. She had to use the bathroom. So we stop at this building. I think its like a beauty saloon. Some were having their hair done. We asked if they had a bathroom. One of the women [dark hair tall ] was pointing through a side door in the basement. "Your bathroom is in the basement?" One woman was saying 'Well we don't use it that much. " I was asking about thier prices and wasn't going to go down with he


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