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Fraiser's fall out the window..goes swimingly..

Saturday, November 1 2014

dream-I recall being in a strange room, and people were mingling..and I went close to the window..and was oddly thinking of how fair down it would be like to jump out the 'window'..and while looking down..fraiser [kesley gramer] came near the window..and was talking about how nice the view is..and there is a  pool down there too..He was talking to me..but it felt like he had something else in mind..and sure enough..he just flipped down out the window..and landed in the pool - was a big plas

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Mash at my window and Hanging out

Monday, October 29 2007

Scene 1 _ some vague dreams, about being at home. I recall someone was in our driveway . Think it might of been Frank from mash? I think I am looking out the window and I see him on our driveway with someone else. ? I had also looked out my window and was talking to him on the side of the window. I was asking him something and i think it was about the windows? I could also see someone else . around. I was talking to him too I think? There is also some other scene about being in

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Purchasing some artifacts and raging river

Sunday, July 15 2007

scene 1 ) I recall I am in some shopping mall. I go to this one room that has a few of the street. -- I am browsing some odd artifacts,and they look Egyptian I am wanting to purchase some of these items. I think I was looking at some symbol statue but I don't know what it ment? I happen to look out the window. I see there is water surging through the streets. Like its a river. I was wondering how we would get away ? But then I went to more to looking at the artifacts. I was thinking of


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