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A whole lot of 'drama ' going on 'naked couples with guns'

Wednesday, July 24 2013

DREAM 1-Another bunch of odd dreams, am in some house [its a two story house ,light green color unfamiliar in waking life] am in the upstairs part of the building and the room is light in color with old furniture inside- light brown, near the window,which i am sitting on.I am looking out the window, and noticed some clouds forming,and it looks like a powerful storm,maybe even a telling people ''Looks like a storm is brewing- ''and a guy comes and looks like - sam elliot - and he is d

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winter fun can be dangerous- Helping dad

Tuesday, June 14 2011

dream 1- I am on our driveway, and with a little girl, its dark out, and we are having fun on the driveway, and she slid down the driveway,and was sounding like she was having fun, but then she was hitting the telephone poll and hit her teeth. I thought 'dam blood' and was going to help her. Though she didn't have any blood. We were outside and playing in the snow, and then 2- I was back in the house, Dad is around, and he is trying to find something to fix it. I think its a radio? and he asked


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