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Godzilla returns...& bedroom manners [kinky]

Monday, May 19 2014

dream - I knew this would happen, am in another unfamiliar building [think its a school tall one] and  am in some crowded cramped art room and the female teacher is telling us about some art history, and we had to do something- a drawing of some sorts about it * when Someone was mentioning about Godzilla being around- and I am thinking 'No he's not , he isn't even real'' I try to go around looking for him , to show the others he isn't even around..I go through a side door , and looked like

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Strangers in the myst.

Tuesday, August 7 2007

scene 1 ) I am in some strange building - I felt that I am lost - I go around looking for the exit? I end up on some odd stairway > that is hard to get around in. They are white and with these railings. I look to see the room is a bit empty- . I notice that there is a door and I was trying to get down and go over to the exit. It felt a bit lucid- [esp on the stairs] I met someone in the room I think it was the woman from Human T.- who was responsible for the other girls. I was then ta

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Immortal after all

Monday, January 2 2006

scene 1- Well I couldn't get in touch with her- and they took the phone away- I think this was the area where the weird stuff happend- because I went in the living room- and there were some guys there- I think some might of been from Happy Days? Potsi- and the other 2 I didn't really know- they had dark hair [good looking]- well somethng was going on when I went out there- I think they were laughing at some joke they were doing - and I asked "What's going on?" I heard them talking

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Starsky and Hutch in the slums-& old friends-

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, December 27 2005

scene 1- I am with Starsky and Hutch- It is in a city apartment- and I feel like a young teenager- that had witnessed some shooting- and I am not a normal girl- [slow-quiet]- and I am with them playing some game at first- and then I was on the bed doing something with my music and over hearing them talking about having girls over- [sexy girls]- and they were getting the place ready- I was annoyed that they would even bring some girls over- Seems most everytime- I am with starsky an

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Sex Part 1

Sunday, July 24 2005

Scene- Downtown area\strange. 1.I am riding in starsky&hutch's car. They are chasing afte another car because it was in a drug deal. They drive through a red light and side-hit a garbage truck that collided into a building. Traffic was a mess but they still didn't stop. I knew someone would beable to witness them since their car is easily remembered. I saw the building and it looked wrecked but they were working on it anyway. {black building} 2. Though they couldn't find th


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