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Celebrating a wedding and happy moments

Wednesday, April 8 2015

Dream,  I recall I was with dad, and we were strolling through a mall,not our mall and had been shopping already, wasn't very busy .we were going into some other shop, think he was getting a cd..and me a tape. He heard that there is a restaurant across from here, He looked to be standing up on a stool,to get something "There is," so he got down quick and we got our stuff. He seemed excited when he heard the restaurant across the ways, so we were walking across the mall, it

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Visiting the neighborhood & Gilligan rafting

Lucid Intent
Friday, August 8 2014

dream- I recall being on our street ..and was with michael [seem to be having a lot of recurring dreams about him lately * ] . we were down by the old Selima house.. and he was trying to use the lawn mower..was working on that and there was a old truck there that I think Travis was around trying to use...another machine on the lawn.. I remember Michael yelling at him about doing something wrong..and he just went into the house..he was showing me some object [don't recall what] - and I was like "


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