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smokin around the house bad mouthin sista

Thursday, December 31 2009

dream- i am at some odd place, but in dream it feels like home or laurie's home, and I am with rachel [she is younger]-and we are walking around I think its like the past, and how we had the dolls around, and I recall feeling a bit like maria, and how we use to use them . - looking at all the old cardboard houses etc. I think we played for awhile, and then something went on with Laurie, and how she is talking about work and I am talking back to her about how we don't like to hear it- and she is

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Vexing attitude toward family and friend

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 30 2008

Dream 1-  I recall being at some area [strange in life]-  and it felt a bit like we could be at some hotel that I wasn't to thrilled with the room. I went outside to sit  near the  park. -  Well I was with mom and Laurie of course but  they were in the hotel. I sat there on a blanket near  the park- that had a view of some lake? Well I hear  some people behind me,and its a voice I know.  I look behind me, and I happen to see my friend marlene


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