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Wednesday, May 24 2017

In a reference to Halsey (who made an actual appearance here), the titular BADLANDS is a part of the Nightmare Realm in which Halsey enters in herself. The dream started in a dystopian totalitarian city where Halsey was sent in there, possibly as a spy. The city draws various inspirations from World War II-era Germany. As Halsey is peeking behind a crate of explosives, she planted a microscopic bomb on the crate and back behind a wall for a safe distance. Before she could detonate the bomb, s

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Nuclear Winter

Lucid Intent
Sunday, April 16 2017

War is everywhere in the media. I am in the hospital in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin where I encounter a Heavy Armoured ATC Black Ops Unit. However, before he could reveal his character, I shot him in the abdomen. I spend most of the time cradle him as he is slowly dying from blood loss and blood came out of his mouth. Rather than showing hatred to me, he remain perfectly calm till his death. Then the next scene features me constructing a building, Fallout Shelter-style, on the Wasteland. Ap


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