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Press Con

Monday, December 5 2016

Invited to one of the most luxurious places in Dream World! Before I would get a chance on it, I was being chased by some sort of an organization with unknown intentions. I ran straight to our resident store, which is heavily altered to almost beyond recognition. Such alterations includes bigger store space, an open CR with the walls about 5ft. tall, small backroom space, and more merchandises. As the operatives chase me, I run straight to the CR in an attempt to hide from them, in which I su

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Badass Bystander

Lucid Intent
Saturday, July 25 2015

One of the most awaited dreams that I am going to have: Futuristic Dream! Yeah, I kind of love them because I could get to experience one of their technologies. Also I got caught in battle here. Don't expected me to stand by while they fight. I am in a Garry's Mod-style grassland with a Garry's Mod-style old abondoned building, which seems to slowly decay and crumble from aging. Scattered around the me are futuristic soldiers armed with a futuristic assault rifle per soldier. They


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