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Mirror Layers

Tuesday, January 31 2017

The last dream of the new month and it should go out with ponies. The intro’s Worth It. Really. It started in an office area in a building and the song “Worth It” is played in the background. During that time, I dance to the song as if there is no one in sight, which is funny as no one was in my sight. Then the scene switches to a cutscene where it shows a staircase made of crystals in the void. On both ends of the staircase were the mirrors from The Equestria Girls mo

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Exterrestrial Bugs

Lucid Intent
Thursday, October 22 2015

Hey, everyone! This is the first time I enter here and this is my first dream that I will post online. Sorry if this dream is a bit more like a Marty Stu dream. Because, well, this is Dream World. Also I won't force you to read side notes though if you read them, they could be helpful for my future dreams. I dreamed that I am in the top of a small building. The city where I stood appears to be nighttime and the sky is cloudy, making resemble like Gotham city (technically, this isn't G


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