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Afghanistan Genie

Saturday, June 18 2016

Cultural creatures appeared here as well as the stereotypes of a Far Eastern person. Not intended to support racism and it is not my problem if you think this dream is racist. It started on an abandoned Greek-like building with a pedestal on the center. In the pedestal sat a blue will-o-wisp. I walk to it and the flames get bigger until it forms a shape that is vaguely like a woman. Then a woman in sexy Arabic outfit emerges and the flames disappear. She has fair skin color, brown hair in

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A Trip (No Pun) To Jupiter

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 3 2015

The 1st dream to feature something different: A planet! Even better, I manage to enter a planet! And that planet is Jupiter! (Guess why) It started in 3rd Person View, I saw a rocket full of Minions (the yellow ones) floating on the top of planet Jupiter with the Sun shining brightly in an unrealistic fashion. Then the rocket thrusters were turned on and the rocket launch itself to Jupiter. Thinking that the Minions will die from intense gravity that Jupiter had, the rocket landed on a d


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