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Limited Dancing

Saturday, May 20 2017

Even though I may have seemingly unlimited energy, I can have limited times on activities like dancing. The appearance of the coach who appeared in my dreams from the past three times. I am in a part of Dream World the two 2-D boxes with limbs are trying to find a perfect red dress for a stick woman. Despite that their client is a stick person, she has a noticeable curve (read: boobs and ass) and had a dirt blonde hair. Then the scene switches me viewing on the Just Dance Now app in my

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Battle Dance

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, June 29 2016

We were supposed to fight but we decided to dance. In some sort of a village in a forest, I have obtained some sort of a psychic glove that awfully resembles like those Nintendo glove thingy and I use it to mess up with the inhabitants (though upon using it, it will severely injure or kills a villager). When I saw a log cabin, I use my glove and a blast of intense energy struck most of its inhabitants as I can hear screams of pain and fright. I went to the front and saw most of them dead o


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