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VR (Virtual Reality)

Thursday, September 15 2016

A virtual world inside a dream. Also I have been playing myself the whole time. The beginning of this dream featured me in some sort of a North American mountainous forest. In front of me is a valley and saw that the other side can be crossed by a bridge or one foot. I have a group of cute puppies the size of chickens as companions, though they have an unexplainable habit on sliding on the slope which could have killed them. Surprisingly, they appear to be made of iron. As I reach the othe

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Jack's Wild Wild Dungeon

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, October 27 2015

Probably the very first dream where a character (or characters) of Pop Culture made an appearance. Also the zombies appeared here too. And this is the first time I officially killed something in Dream World had have control on making weapons out of thin air. I am in a dungeon room in style in an old 3D game. It is also detailed. The walls are stony and it is littered with guts, blood (green and red) and omnious tombstones. Then the tombstones started to release green smoke and zombies raise f


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