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The Fall

Tuesday, August 30 2016

This is semi-realistic. Semi because a woman fell from a building and died, however her body remains intact and no blood despite she fell from the rooftop and the building is several stories high. There is a 3rd POV vision of a woman climbing by the windows, which is very risky. As she reached the rooftop, a man is seen with a do9llar bill on his hands, which is odd as the setting is in the Philippines. She thought that she is about to get a shot of that money when the man smirk and withdraw

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Exterrestrial Bugs

Lucid Intent
Thursday, October 22 2015

Hey, everyone! This is the first time I enter here and this is my first dream that I will post online. Sorry if this dream is a bit more like a Marty Stu dream. Because, well, this is Dream World. Also I won't force you to read side notes though if you read them, they could be helpful for my future dreams. I dreamed that I am in the top of a small building. The city where I stood appears to be nighttime and the sky is cloudy, making resemble like Gotham city (technically, this isn't G


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