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Junkyard Wars

Saturday, August 14 2010

August 15, 2010 In what seems to be a living room, children are sitting side by side on a couch while a grown up lady is on a separate chair facing them, saying threats, like, tell your parents to do whatever or else this will happen to you. It's like a game where they're pretending that the children are being kidnapped. The children aren't sitting still, but giggling and playing along on the couch. The last kid in the row (far right from the lady's perspective) is really tied up and gagged. Sh

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Jungle Kitty

Thursday, August 12 2010

August 13, 2010  There are two cats: one was an orange (golden brown?)-colored jungle kitty, say ocelot size, the other was a little black house cat. The black kitty has a leash of string tied around its neck, while the big kitty also has a leash, but it seems to be part of its body, like its tail or something, except attached to its back. Papa and I each take one kitty, he takes the big one, I take the little one. I can't seem to control the little black kitty. Papa's doing fine wit


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