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Ala Mythbusters

Sunday, January 1 2017

Sleep: (est) 10:30-11pm (but got woken up briefly by firecrackers maybe twice, last time probably at almost midnight) Wake: 3:59 am Mythbusters was looking for new recruits. Currently they had two staff on the janitorial team, an oldish man and woman, maybe in their 50's. The man was kind of balding and was dressed like a janitor, while the woman had grayish hair in a short ponytail and was dressed cross between cafeteria lady and mechanic girl. There were also two new staff on the cr

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Suite Life

Monday, September 19 2011

I was imagining the Suite LIfe Movie for some reason - or at least my own created version of it. It was summer break, and Zack and Cody were off to some biological expedition. There was a scene right outside a white minivan with Bailey kind of yelling in Cody's face about how he'd pick biology over spending time with her. There was a different scene. I don't know if it was me, or still them (if it's them, then I'm in Cody's point of view), but something about music sheets. It was either a piece


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