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Saturday, January 21 2012

There was this homecoming-like thing. It was in ICA, but I was among MaFiA, plus some people from MMCO. The first part of the event was held somewhere upstairs. I'm not exactly sure what happened then. I guess just going around and catching up with old friends and stuff. The next part was downstairs, in the HSCC, or in a place which was like the rooms in a restaurant which are enclosed just for parties. It was the dinner/program part of the event. Renee surprised me by grabbin

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Time Loop

Friday, January 6 2012

I had this lovely dream... there was a small town, which kind of lived in a time warp. It kept repeating a day, but the thing was, most of the townspeople were aware of this. There were three new people who came that day, so they would be unaware of the repeating, but something had been done such that the first two had escaped the time loop. A young lady was left as the person keeping the town in the loop, and she was also oblivious of this, kind of like Lucy in 50 first dates.


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