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Ronald McSnarls (Dream in a dream) Illustrated

Lucid Intent
Monday, August 18 2008

In the earlier part of this dream I am on a pile of sand. It is like sand on the beach, if it were slightly wet and a little bit more than packed lightly. It has a curious shape, like the shapes of sand in a wind blown desert, only piled high. There are a few bands of colors in the sand, which might have been algae of different colors. I am digging through this sand looking for something. Although I was not aware I was dreaming, I am sure that I was definitely aware that something unusual was ha

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A Tremendous Number of Dragons (and other dreams, too)

Saturday, April 26 2008

Side note: I have been too generally bored or uninclined to record my dreams. Here's my attempt at getting some of them on record. The dragon dream is from this past night, but the others are in no particular order. A Tremendous Number of  Dragons: The dream seems to start off in my current house. I notice that every time I look out a window I see the front end of a semi truck. The first couple of times I thinks it's just a coincidence or sorts. Then, when I realize that the trucks are als


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