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A Japanese Snack-Eating Adventure

Tuesday, April 27 2010

I dreamt that I am going around in a small man made river, in a boat made exactly for this river. I liken it much to one of those circa sushi restruants that have the little water moat with the boats floating in them with the suhi. Along the way there are all these intriuging snacks piled to the sides. They're easy to reach. I sampled quite a lot of things. I remember tasting chocolate. It was really very good. There were other things too, but I am not sure what they were. I have to open the pac

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Japanese Church

Sunday, April 6 2003

I was walking along feeling really unhappy. I look across the road and I see what look like the reamains of a bombed church. I decide to go visit the church. I felt like talking to God. (important note, in real life I don't go to church, and I don't believe in an omnipotent being). So I am walking along, and I am looking at the ruined buildings, and at first I feel like I lost the church, like maybe I went the wrong way, but then suddenly there it is, and I see some people with a met


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