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Witch Nazi Jew?

Lucid Intent
Thursday, January 12 2012

At some point in my dreams from last night I became sponteneously lucid. It had been some time since the last one, and I was in a calm setting, though I forget what it was like. I ask to see "something beautiful" after thinking about stuff for a bit. I am then treated to a pretty out door scene. Little hills with zillions of flowers, and a few ornamental looking trees. There were also some pretty mushrooms, and I asked if I could eat them....there was no one actually within sight, but I am answe

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Writings from a Neo Nazi Skin Head

Tuesday, January 24 2006

In this dream everything seemed to happen after the fact. I was about to fill in a review on an 8.5x5.5 peice of blue card stock paper how I rated my student's writing assignment. Apparently my student was a prisoner, a neo-nazi skin head. So I was about to write some notes about how interesting his writings where then I casually glance over at a place where it asked me to describe "personal poetry" I thought to myself, *he didn't write any poetry* then I realized, *hey, what the hell did he

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Weird Nazi dream

Sunday, March 27 2005

I forget how the dream starts off, but I am in a public bathroom, it's remarably clean, and there isn't anyone in it. I don't need to use the rest room, so I am not sure why I am here, but I am looking around the place, and it's like a maze, then I am bewildered when I see the floor is inlaid, here and there with the Nazi swastika. I wonder to myself, who the hell designed this bathroom? I thought it was totally tasteless. Then I take a look at the walls, and notice many symbols seemingl


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