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Attack of the Noodle-Soup Dragon

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 8 2012

In this dream it seems that I am staying in someone else's house and also that I am a servant. There is a teenage Indian girl who lives here, and she wakes up around 3 am one morning (this is time in the dream world) and asks me to make her some soup. She says she's hungry. I feel pretty annoyed, but know I have to do this thing for her. She really wants the soup right away but that's pretty much not possible. I still have to make the soup first. I give her something to tie her over until the s

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Saturday, September 3 2011

The earliest part of the dream I remember I have just walked into someone's house. It's kind of dark and a bit messy in there, but nothing is really dirty, just jumbled and disorganized, I decide to sit at the far end of a sofa that's covered in a dingy grey sheet, and then turn to face the television which everyone else is watching too. I think there were two other people in the room sitting on over stuffed chairs. Then someone else walks in with what appears to be a girl, but she is introduced


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