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Backwards Bus and the Penguin's Child (illustrated)

Thursday, January 19 2006

I am riding on a bus, when for some reason the driver needs to drive backwards down hill. I am very nervous about this. She's trying to back up into where I used to go to middle school, and that turn is down a very narrow two way street with very low visibility on either side of the road, and the turn she was trying to make would be risky with the five o'clock traffic. There was no stopping her from doing this, so I just clinched my teeth and hoped we were not about to be in an accident.

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The Penguin Hires an Assassin, Losing the Schedule

Lucid Intent
Sunday, December 13 1992

December 13, Sunday, 1992 (uploading this dream from my old dream journals on 7-2-2008 on account of that I am looking for a particular old dream, and have been meaning to move all of them from my hard drive to here anyway, so I figure I will eventually find the dream I am looking for. I think during this time I was watching the Bat Man animated series a whole lot, as I really liked that cartoon at the time and it influenced many of my dream as in the case of this one.)     Th


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