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Badger Smuggling

Thursday, November 23 2006

I really am not sure what I was up to in this dream. I seem to be on a street, and headed towards a break in a fence. First I have a camel with me, the two humped kind, and I mean to take it to the other side of the fence. However, there is a someone on patrol in the neighborhood and their job is to stop me and anyone else from taking animals "over there". I am not really even sure what over there was, and I don't know why the patrol could not follow me. I am not quite there when I see the

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Mermaids and Badger Planes

Sunday, October 22 2006

I forget a lot of details in this dream. I seemed to have stumbled among a community of merfolk and other people. There was a lot of people in a room, including some merfolk. Someone was speaking up front, and something they said apparently offended a lesbian couple sitting close behind me. They both get up and walk out in a huff. Someone explained to me that they were lesbians, and I was pretty shocked, for one thing I thought they were both men, and another thing, they looked so much ali

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Past Lives (Three Doors)

Thursday, November 10 2005

(notes that I will flesh out when I get back from work) Again, as I so often strive, I was looking for information about past life times, but it's very hard to determine how successful I was. USually I come across three doors, and what looks like a vaugely conceled fourth door. In one instance the three doors are all made of very strong (and even intimidating) metal, and they look complex, like doors you might find on a mideval vault or something, black iron, big greasy gears. In th


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