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Where is my Submarine?

Lucid Intent
Friday, October 14 2011

I actually had this dream on 1-12-11. For reasons I am not at liberty to discuss I was unable to post it.   I got to sleep this night with the inclination to dream of a nice place. Since it’s been cold and mostly overcast and rainy in my part of the world, I was thinking someplace tropical, sunny, warm, with clear blue water and white sand. Yeah, I think, that’s definitely the place. Here is what I dream about.    This dream takes place in an unfamiliar place. I

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From Below the Sea (Bottles of Life times past)

Saturday, November 17 2007

At some point in my dreams I become lucid. I can't recall much before that. I start off outside. There are tall houses here and lots of tall trees. I think there are around four to five houses, I didn't attempt to count them, I just mean to explain it was not a crowded street. There were people living here, but a lot of natural landscape, too. I look up into the sky. It's dusk, and I get it in my mind to fly up into the air as part of some means to explore past lives (not that I understa

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The Smell of Perfume and (fragments)

Friday, July 21 2006

1.) I get a Marmaduke style greeting from a woman I do not know, but who seems to know me. She completely knocks me down playfully, and I am immdediately struck by the scent of her perfume, it was like she bathed in it or something. It was so over powering, I thought I would faint. I didn't want to embarrass her and say I had no idea who she was. 2.) I dreamt I was using a type-writter using a weird secret sort of writing. On paper it looked like drawings of multi-colored jelly beans, tr


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