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Daleks and Giant Beetles

Lucid Intent
Friday, June 25 2010

I was watching episodes of Doctor Who before I went to bed, and had dreams about Daleks. They were outside on my back porch where I used to live when I lived with my parents a long long time ago. I am always dreaming about living there again. They're eye stalks keep swivilng around and I have to be really careful to keep an eye on them while I am in the kitchen washing the dishes. I don't want them to see me.  There were three of them out there, and a

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And Then the Light Came on

Monday, June 23 2008

I seem to be just an observer in this dream, but I was emotionally involved with it. I seem to be looking into a house. It's in quite a state of disarray. Very messy. It seems like the two kids, a sister and brother pair have been playing a bit too huskily through out the house while their parents were away, presumably for only a little while, as there was no baby sitter. Very suddenly the mother walks in the door. I can see the mess in the house very clearly, but for some reason from her persp

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Hawks Falling

Friday, February 2 2007

Scene: I am above the corner of the yard where I used to live with my parents. All the yards in this neighborhood had chain link fences separating them. I can't remember why I am high up in the air, but I am decending. There is a black bird with me, and while I am decending with the black bird a hawk comes near. I realize it's come to eat the black bird, but I don't want it to, so I swoop down to the black bird and cover it up. The hawk sort of flies around me. Another hawk tries the same

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Big Beautiful Bugs

Wednesday, September 28 2005

I was walking along a covered sidewalk up against a building of some kind, when I came across a fairly large metallic green beetle. I knell down to get a closer look, to admire it's brilliant color. I can't resist picking it up, but then I find another and another jewel like insect, and I put my hands in front of them and they crawl up my hand. Soon I have a hanfull of stunningly beautiful insects. I feel pleased. There were some other people who come along, and I show them the bugs, and


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