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Ugly on the inside

Lucid Intent

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Saturday, October 24 2009

What I first remember was flying (this is something I sort of lost the ability to do in my dreams, but it seems to be coming back). It seems to be over what at first seemed like an island, and I am looking down at it and thinking what a pretty place it was. It was set up like a quaint old fashion German village, like you would see in a story book, with cobble stone walk ways, and flowers everywhere. I come down from up above to look around, and I remember being invited into some woman's house. S

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G.I. Joe

Monday, May 29 2006

The first thing I remember was sliding into a deep ditch. There are several other people here, and the feeling I get is we're here on a miliatry mission. The ditch it about knee high in rain water, it's no problem. The ditch is quite deep so we feel there is no one who can see us easily from above, the edge of the ditch is well above everyone's head. We seem to be moving clockwise around a building. I remember that I am carrying a rifle by my side but after a while I am pretty sure I won't

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Cat Sex

Sunday, April 2 2006

I am outside walking along a fence, and notice a cat running in the huge feild of grass on the other side of the fence. Out of no where another cat seems to run towards it, and one cat mounts the other one and begings to copulate with it, then yet another cat also comes out of nowhere, and pushes the two cats apart, as if offended by their sex act. I look on thinking it was incredibly weird.

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Sunday, June 12 2005

For some reason I am talking with a russian accent, and I am pretty sure I am faking it, too, but I don't know why. It's important to know I was not aware I was dreaming, and that I wasn't the real me in this dream. Most of the details are lost to me. Somewhere in the dream I am walking outside when I come across someone's yard to the right. A large area sectioned off with a chain link fence. There are so many pet dogs and cats there. They have also obviously become semi-fearal. I am


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