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Mama Dresses me Funny

Wednesday, May 28 2008

I forget how I get to this part in the dream. I seem to be out in the town with a bunch of friends (who I do not know in real life). For whatever reason I am wearing something totally crazy. First off, they were men's clothes, about ten or so sizes too large, and perhaps out of fashion for something like 60 or 70 years. It was hard to walk around like that, having to hoist up the pants just so I wouldn't fall over them. No one seemed to notice, or at least no one said anything, or even looked at

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Public Shower

Tuesday, April 3 2007

This dream is really vauge to me. In the dream I am in a crowded venue of some kind. People here are dressed in clothing of some other period, like 17th century style. Three women dressed in big poofy dresses approach me. They are all taller than me, and they seem to be looking down at me at first interested in me for some reason. I remember talking to them and trying to be polite, but Ihad to excuse myself as I was in sore need of a bath. They say they had not noticed that, but then I show

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He had a Hook HAND!

Monday, October 9 2006

Don't remember too much. I seem to be leading a bunch of people. I make sure they have blankets and warm clothes. I have to take them through some kind of dangerous territory. I know it's risky, but there is no other choice. I think we've made it through but when I look behind me, no one is following me. I get fraked out and back track, and encounter a man with a hook hand (right). I don't remember anything else.

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Sunday, November 20 2005

I am in a department store looking for clothes, and I had picked out two shirts and a tote bag curiously enough shapped like a dog. I contemplated the clothing after having picked it out, and decided that I had better put something back, because I probabaly should save my money. So I put back one shirt, then put back the other, and eventally put back the weird dog-shaped tote bag. I thought to myself, "I had better wait till pay day before buying new clothes."


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