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Fat and Bald

Monday, January 5 2009

I had a pretty disturbing dream last night. It seemed to take place at the area that used to be a mall, but has since been converted into state offices. In the dream I seem to have lost all the hair on top of my head, and the hair on my temples was grey, and I had a bit of a belly sticking out.  I was very self concious about the huge bald spot. I remember at some point being outside and seeing where someone had a little garage sale thing going on. They had placed their stuff on a blan

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Owl in a Pocket

Thursday, February 1 2007

I just remembered this dream. I am outside walking when I see a bilfold or some sort of thing used to carry personal belongings in. I pick it up and unzip it and find inside a wad of cash. It is otherwise empty, and there is a lot of space. I look for a way to identify who this case belongs to and somwhere I find a piece of paper with a name and phone number on it. I decide to try to call the owner. There is some difficulty finding a phone, but one way or another I get a message to the o

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Grey World with Wolves

Monday, June 20 2005

I stupidly didn't take notes down, so I forget a lot of important parts. I am in some other place that in waking life would terrify me, and I would not recognize. It was a bleak place, but many of us were surviving and things were getting better all the time, but not without the occassional bad day. There were several of us, we scrounged around what we could, and we often wore any clothing we could find, which generally was tattered and grey, but no one was indecent or smelly. Somehow


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