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The Iron Key

Lucid Intent
Saturday, December 31 2011

I had a whole lot to dream last night, and I will attempt to record all of it.   The earliest dream I remember I am outside of an apartment building and in the parking lot. I am supposed to go into someone else's apartment, but I forget why. I am holding on to the apartment key, which is not like our normal keys. It looks like four numeral ones stuck together in the middle and at 90 degree angles of each other, sort of. Before I get to the ground floor of the apartment building I accident

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Giant Iron Horse Carriage

Sunday, December 3 2006

This was a very very long dream, and none of it made any sesne. Here's one item I remember with sharp clarity. There is this man (who earlier had suddenly appeared in my room and pretty much scared me half to death) who was going to bring me somewhere. Some time before he'd decided to use some of my cartoon comic drawings for his school's publication. I had not given permission, and the cartoons were from years and years ago, but whoever found them and used them did a good job. The cartoo

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The Artist's House, Gallery of Food

Wednesday, May 10 1995

 The earliest thing I remember was that my friend Kris, from Atlanta, came to my house, and she had cut off all her long red hair, and now it was like curly fuzz on her scalp, and I thought to myself, "Gosh, that's awful looking."  Anyway, she left to the house of someone she knew, a man who was an artist, and I understood I was to meet her at the same house later, some of her friends would also be there.     I don't remember departure, and I don't remember an


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