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Abondoning the Island

Saturday, November 29 2008

I dreamt that I came onto an island. On this island there lived a very nasty woman. She owned the island or was somehow in charge of it. She was a really bad person, and didn't care about anyone but herself. As a result many people and the animals were all suffering. In the dream I am a giant white teradactyl (a shape I sometimes take in my dreams) and I decide that I am taking every living creature off the island, except for the greedy woman. I start with the snakes and some kittens. The snake

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I'm a floating Island

Monday, May 6 2002

April 6th, Thursday "I'm a Floating Island" I don't recall the events that led up to this, but here's what was happening. Somehow I fell of the land, and I was in the ocean, floating on a pile of dirt. There had been other people there, but they escaped the sea, or they were killed by the whale that attacked the hill of dirt. It was a little crazy for a while when I was try to ward off the whale. I remember hitting it as hard as I could with a crow bar, but it didn't really hurt it, b


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