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Lava Behind the Door

Sunday, December 31 2006

I was in a pretty ridiculous situation. Seems like me and a coupld of other people (I think I only know them in dream life) go inside a cave high up in a mountain where there is molten rock very visible. I can see the red hot stuff coming towards us. A lot of stuff happens, but I forget most of it. I do remember going into a bathroom, sitting on top of the toilet and turning on the water faucet. I splashed water at the lava seeping in under the door, and it was solidifying. I could tell the

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Monday, March 6 2006

I slept very poorly last night. I kept waking up all the time. All I remember from my dreams was I am digging around the side of my house when I find stones that are very very hot, unusually hot, then I come to realize there is a lava flow here. Stupidly I try to cool it off with the water hose, but I know that can't be good enough, and Then I hurry around trying to get people to leave. Instead of my neighborhood being here its a school, and I am anxious to get everyone away if I can. I


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