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Dirty Scoundrel!

Lucid Intent
Thursday, June 1 2006

This dream is really baffeling, even while I was dreaming it. It was semi-lucid, I say semi-lucid because although I was at least somewhere aware of this being a dream, I forget sometimes, until I remember again. AT first I am walking along somewhere with my co worker Rob, and he's telling me something. It's completely bizarre, and I am actually quite offended by what he's saying. It's like he's telling me what I am about to do. Apparently I was walking into somekind of I don't know magical

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annoying baby

Sunday, January 23 2005

A dream I had last night was another thing that added more kindling to my want to learn more. In the dream I receive a fat letter in the mail. It looks very old, and the words on it are written in German, and I see it's from Germany. Just as I am about to open it up and reveiw the contents this person comes in and sets down an infant. The infant, however, can walk and talk. It pesters me endlessly. I tried to ignore the baby and turn my back on it, hoping it would leave me alone, but it


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