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Saturday, May 6 2006

In this dream I am inside of a city, where the streets and buildings are all set about like a maze, it's huge, so it's very confusing to get around. In this dream I am battling someone. While I am dreaming I feel very baffled, because although I seem to have total control over what I am doing, I can't seem to make sense of why I was doing it. There is a man in the dream that I am violently attacking, and I know for a fact he's innoccent, and that I am attacking him violently for pretty much

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Keyhole of Lightening

Monday, December 2 2002

I was traveling along a street when I chanced to notice something weird that seemed to be hanging in the air. It was like a hole in the air, and through it I could see lightening smashing around a blue and purple sky. I tried to get a closer look but when I came nearer a bolt of lightening came menacingly close to me, but instead struck the asphalt. I back away. Thinking it was merely a chance happening I try to approach again only to have the same thing happen. I test it a bit and fin


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