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The strange room

Sunday, February 18 2007

Unfortunately I forget the earliest part of the dream. I wake up from my bed and I notice that there is something very different about my room. I have a large screen tv set there and I look at it. There is some program on. For some reason I come to understand that I am not watching a tv show, but real life unfolding somewhere. It seems like such a weird story. There are strange creatures, some of them look like humanoid ants. Ants are defintiely mentioned. I think the creatures look very

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Blue Lobsters

Saturday, November 25 2006

I am in my car driving. I seem to recall having been in this same area before (but only in another dream). There is a fabric/craft store in between two different kinds of restruants. One of the restuants is a Cajun place, the other is somethign else, I forget. The traffic here is a real pain. I realize I had gone too far. I had not intended on coming out this way at all, and I was frustrated because not only was this area hard to navigate, it was compounded by the lunch time traffic. I dec


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