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Naked and a Tiger

Saturday, December 23 2006

I am indoors (unfamiliar place in real life, but known to me in the dream world) and it's a very large open room with large glass walls. It's sort of like a lounge in a hotel, so there are couches and tables around. I am undressing and put my clothes on a couch until I am done and then scoop them back up in my arms. I am about to go out a glass door to walk to an outdoor shower (apprently). Almost as soon as I am out the door I am very surprised to see a very large tiger looking right at m

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Ham and Cheese

Sunday, July 24 2005

I am late for a class or something, but I am so tired and hungry. In this school there is a sort of vending machine, but there were sandwhich fixing in it, so when you opened it you would have to take a slice of cheese from one package and a slice of ham from another and bread from yet another spot and make a sandwhich. Anyway, I try to do this, but then I think the whole idea is disgusting. Then I stand up and see that someone has put thick stacks of cheese and ham on top of the lockers


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