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Threat of Fire

Lucid Intent
Saturday, October 31 2009

In this dream I seem to be living in a really big house. It's not tall, it just sprawls. It's a nice house, but it is a bit untidy. It's mainly a lot of blankets that need folding and putting away. It looked like I made every room into a place to take a nap, so there were blankets everywhere. I was pretty frustrated with myself for all the mess, so I began to furiously clean up, and while I was at it I checked windows and doors to make sure they were locked, and there were so very many windows a

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Creepy Radio

Monday, November 20 2006

In an very early dream I seem to be staying in someone else's house. One room seems to be sectioned off in to two parts. I am about to go to sleep, so I am going around the whole house closing windows. I am surprised at how many windows and door there are and how they are unlocked, and open. Some of the windows have wooden shutters, and they don't close over the whole window. There are also all these radios and stereos everywhere. It's very hard to figure out how to turn them all off. Some


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