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Giant Muffin and A Silver Coin

Saturday, July 19 2008

Earlier in the Dream I seem to be celebrating something with a group of people. I recognize someone there who I have not seen in a very long time. I forget who it was now, but it was either my friend from childhood, Susan M., or it might have been another girl named Shawna Marie G. either way it was one of my friends who had a weight problem. In this dream someone has just wheeled in an enormous cake. It was at least three feet high and maybe two to three and a half feet tall. It was more like a

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Run Red Seamless River (and fragments)

Monday, May 14 2007

When I woke up today I jotted down some words that were "Supposed" to help me remember what I dreamt about, but I forget now. The first words were Run and Red and under that it says Seamless River. I no longer remember what the heck that was all about. 2) In one part of my dreams I was trying to change my socks. The ones I was wearing were dirty or something, however, each time I took off a pair of socks, lo and behold, there was another pair under them (now that I think of it that is eer

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Peanut Butter Cup Cakes

Saturday, March 3 2007

I want to buy something. I go into a rather crowded (with stuff) kiosk. The man behind the counter thinks I want something pretty expensive. I know this for some reason. I ask him what sort of currency he accepts. There would be more than one sort. He tells me he will sell me something for a peanut butter cup cake. I think it's a very odd sort of currency, but I tell him I will see what I can do. I don't want him to see how I get the cup cake. I walk outside and look for someplace where

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Lightening Bolt Battle

Lucid Intent
Thursday, November 28 2002

I wanted to go inside somewhere, like a shopping mall, but there were these people who wanted to stop me for some reason. They were giving me a hard time. Two women dressed professionally were in my face telling me stuff, I forget what, but they were harrassing me. I ignored them and pushed them aside. They got some other people to help them. I don't know why they were so set against me. I didn't know who they were in my dream, and they didn't seem to know who I was either, they just


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