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Second Hand Shop

Sunday, August 17 2008

In real life I am very fond of exploring second hand shops, and sometimes you can find something really interesting that is other wise no longer availible, so I often visit cluttered but exciting second hand shops in my dreams. Curiously they seem to occupy the same geographic locations, no matter how different the world is "over there". This dream features a second hand store. Yesterday I went to Goodwill (a now franchised second hand shop) and found an old collection of ghost stories for teens

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Forced Cartography

Saturday, May 14 2005

I make maps, and in this dream I seem to have to remake some. I don't like doing this at all. The first maps have been accidentally ruined, and although I think of taping them back up, that won't be good enough after all. Someone chides me and tells me I have to make new ones. It's all very frustrating, because I keep leaving off important details. I am making these maps with magic markers. I am making the new maps from looking at older ones, and the colors are supposed to match as well


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