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Mechanical Door

Lucid Intent
Thursday, December 22 2005

In another past life attempt I encounter one door, and I can clearly see beyond it, and it looks like the floor is painted like a grid, and there are numbers everywhere. The door itself is open, allowing easy entrance, and although I can't describe the door, it looked very mechanical, it opens up with an arm, and there is a big dial on the front of it, or maybe it was a large locking device. It looked very menacing, and I look inside and I worry about what will happen to me if I go in th

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Sunday, October 2 2005

I very vaugely remember walking what seemed like an unfinnished structure, so it was like a roof, but no walls, or maybe the walls were glass, I am not sure. It was something very violent. Someone who didn't move very fast, but very casually, attacked me. I fight them, but for some reason I am very weak. My attacker leaves and later comes back. I fight him off again, and this time I have defeated them, but I am still really hurt, and I am also very thirsty, as if I was going to die of t


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