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That "Can't-Find-Hotel-Room" Dream again

Sunday, June 1 2008

    I am in a very large hotel. I am trying to find my room. I think I remember that I knew the number, but I just can't find the room one way or the other. I think at one point it has to be on the upper most floor, but when I take an elevator to that floor I figured out that this upper most floor is dedicated to some sort of scholarly stuff. I think the rooms on this floor were class rooms and lecture halls of some sort. Peculiar, seeing how it was a hotel. So I get to the next f

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I Hate Mermaids

Tuesday, April 3 2007

This dream seemed to branch off directly from "Horse Killer". I am walking around apparently in water. Like there has been a flood. I come to a very small sort of water fall. It's really where the water just sort of bends downwards a little, there isn't even any frothing or splashing. Some man in walking in front of me. When the water bends downwards the water gets very deep, and I don't really want to go any further. I look into the water there, and see what appears to be a drowned flow

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Mermaids and Badger Planes

Sunday, October 22 2006

I forget a lot of details in this dream. I seemed to have stumbled among a community of merfolk and other people. There was a lot of people in a room, including some merfolk. Someone was speaking up front, and something they said apparently offended a lesbian couple sitting close behind me. They both get up and walk out in a huff. Someone explained to me that they were lesbians, and I was pretty shocked, for one thing I thought they were both men, and another thing, they looked so much ali


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