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The Microwaved Orange

Saturday, February 9 2008

I find myself in an apartment that I do not recognize, but also know (somehow) is my own living space. As if I had left it behind and just returned after a long absence and had just returned, but had forgotten about this place.  As apartments go, it was very large, with lots of rooms and windows. Although I can't remember a lot about how it looked I do distinctly recall seeing a very large collection of stuffed toy bats. Many of them were just goofy looking, and others were just poorly sew

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Lemur in a Microwave Oven

Sunday, July 16 2006

I can't recall the details leading up to the discovery of a lemur in a microwave oven. The microwave, I think, was on top of a refrigerator, so it was a bit high up but when I looked inside of it, I could clearly see the wide open eyes brown and white fur of what appeared to be a dead lemur. Someone else pulls the thing out, I don't know who that was, but I guess in the dream she is someone I know. I also find myself holding what appears to be a dead animal in my hands. It was something muc


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