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My Dragon is Fight (Monkey Rules the Roost)

Sunday, August 24 2008

I am in the home a family that lives with a small monkey, which I thought was their pet. I would come to understand later in the dream that the monkey was in charge around here. It's wants were very simple, however, so it was easy to appease the creature. It liked milk, for one thing, and whatever else it wanted was nothing special, either. However because I didn't know this, I did something that angered the monkey ( think I caused a delay in it getting some milk) , and this meant a punishment f

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Hello, said the Fish

Friday, January 30 2004

I was grocery shopping in an extra huge mega super Walmart. It really was huge, more like a mall. I was having a lot of trouble finding the stuff I wanted. I was looking for milk. I come across something called a brownie pie, and it looked sooooo delicious that I picked up two, and I just couldn't help myself but eat one of them. After I ate it I was a little embarrassed, thinking someone might think I was going to try to get away with not paying for it. I carefully peeled off the bar co

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Werewolf at the Door

Tuesday, January 14 1992

January 14, 1992 "Were Wolf at the Door" There was a big were wolf banging at my front door trying to get in; it stood on two legs. I was on the other side hoping I could keep it away from me. In my pocket I had a strip of solidified milk. Some one told me that a piece of milk will keep a were wolf away from you. Another thing that will keep a were wolf at bay, is showing it a picture of figure of a were wolf, because they hate to see images of themselves.


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