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The Horse, the Motorcycle and the Gauntlets

Friday, September 19 2008

I dreamt that I was driving up North Monroe Street from the house I used to live in with my parents to where I currently work. I am alternatively riding a brown horse and a motocycle. I think that the horse even had a kick stand at some point. During the dream I have to stop and get off the horse (that was sometimes a motorcycle). There are private houses up and down this road (though in real life they are all businesses). The drive ways are mostly dirt, and in front of some persons's house I fi

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Transformer Mistakes me for a Goat

Friday, July 6 2007

A pretty confusing silly dream. In the beginning I seem to be in a department store. I am riding a motor cycle, INDOORS! A lot of other people are too, and we're riding around in a big circle. I remember, for one reason or another that I was speaking in a fake British accent, and I was doing it diliberately to piss off one or more of the other racers, as this was supposed to be a race. I forget what I said, but it was totally sterotype bits, like they do in Monty Python skits or something.


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