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Super Theives and the Dragon Pearl Necklace (ilustrated)

Lucid Intent
Sunday, February 7 2010

This is a pretty complicated and confusing dream, but I will write as much as I can remember. The events may not be totaly linear. I am in a prision with many other people, and it seems like we're forced labor force. We do office work. I remember watching one of us furiously typing at a computer monitor. In the evening we're kept in small cells. But there is some other reason for keeping us imprisoned. I finally understand later in the dream what is actually happening. All of us prisoners were

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Big Little Brother Al Reinvents the Camera

Thursday, May 25 2006

This is one of those dreams that came with an extensive background (isn't that weird?) So some of the background. I had been missing from where I belonged for a few months, and it was because I had forgotten who I was and where I belonged and just wandered around until someone who knew me found me and brought me back. Actually it was not as pleasant as that. I was about to go to sleep in a feild when a woman approached me and asked me if I would like to stay in here house. I accepted, a


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