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Naked and a Tiger

Saturday, December 23 2006

I am indoors (unfamiliar place in real life, but known to me in the dream world) and it's a very large open room with large glass walls. It's sort of like a lounge in a hotel, so there are couches and tables around. I am undressing and put my clothes on a couch until I am done and then scoop them back up in my arms. I am about to go out a glass door to walk to an outdoor shower (apprently). Almost as soon as I am out the door I am very surprised to see a very large tiger looking right at m

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Emergency Dressing Room

Wednesday, September 24 2003

I forget how it begins but in anycase I find that I am naked in public, and I dash about looking for ANYTHING to wear or hide in. I find what I think is a public rest room, and the doors in it are hopelessly inadequate, they have such huge gaps in between the door it self and the frames, and there is no way those stupid locks will work, but suddenly the rest room is full of clothing, and someone comes up to me and explains that this is an emergency dressing room, made especially for peop


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